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Artist Statement. Nothing Remarkable News Corporation.

Nothing remarkable News Corp. is a mock media corporation that I set up to make something that was an anathema to the hysteria created by social media news. We are incredibly lucky in Bangor, North Wales, in that we are not under any real threat from a lot of the terrible things that are happening around the world.

This project was inspired by a 3 minute BBC news update that I saw recently. In three minutes, I had heard that we were at our highest risk ever of a terrorist attack, we are in danger of being “over run” with refugees and migrants, we have confirmed Ebola cases in the UK, and now the weather….. However, when I went outside, everything was the same. This made me wonder what it would be like if we only knew about what was happening in our own experience? Can we trust the media?

In creating Nothing Remakable, and working with my “journalists” I have found that there are more issues brought up by this than just the power of the media. Things like “What is remarkable and is anything really unremarkable?” “When does feeling safe turn into complacency? “  What is the role of art in tackling the media corporations?”




I sent an email to all the residents of both TOGYG and Platfform, inviting them to lunch. 5 people were available. I laid out two tables, one with only one chair, a glass, plate, fork and even vase of flowers. The other with a paper tablecloth and some pens. I picked one guest at random, Tim Cumine, and sat him at the single table and served him a good meal: Mushroom Stroganoff, rice, organic bread and grape juice. Everyone else got a paper and pen and were asked to apply for a meal. I then treated them very unequally, giving uneven portions, not giving poor Rowan anything, taking the plate from Nikki halfway through and asking her to bend over backwards under a pole in order to get it back. After about 20 mins, I asked the “special guest” if he would like to share the food. Of course, after a discussion, he said yes, and we all sat at the same table and chatted about the current system, and how we could support each other outside of that. We used the tablecloth and pens to write down the salient points of the conversation


QUARRY INTERVENTIONS with Rhys Trimble 2015


Rhys and I went up a hill…armed with some ochre from the River Ogwen, and no plan. While we were up there, we made some marks, played with some sticks, drew a line, and met a couple of ponies with nothing better to do


Level Up. 2015

High St 1

For this piece I displaced a stepladder from the top of my stairs to the bottom of Bangor Hig St, on a tuesday morning. I chose the ladder because of its symbolism of aspiration and ascension, and its ability to provide access to a different space

Our High Street is a pedestrian area that allows vehicles at certain times, and is a generic space of ubiquitous chain stores, fast food restaurants, coffee houses and banks. However,  are left unchanged from the second level up. For example, our Boots the Chemist shop is actually a fabulous Art Deco construction,

Bangor’s history seemed to be preserved in layers, just like the slate that the area is built on. Standing on the stepladder takes people away from their usual perspective of the space, and brings them closer to a different time in the same place