Marble Drawings

Determinism vs Chaos.

A series of experiments with angle of descent, shape of paper and frequency of marbles.

Creating a vortex

The act of spinning around as fast as I can creates a space in which there is only me. As soon as I start to spin, I become the centre of my own vortex. It is peaceful there.

02 spinning small

Spinning on a gentle decline, drifting, feeling gravitational pull.

03 spinning small

Spinning in biting cold sunset air, puddles flashing.

04 spinning small

Spinning in defiance of fascists on a Saturday afternoon, uncoiling the spring.

05 spinning small

Spinning fast enough, everything ceases to exist but the centre.

06 Spinning1 small

Spinning into mindlessness in the damp darkness with arrow darts of questions.

07 spinning

 Spinning in space, greeting the winter as the centre of my own landscape.


nrtoday header

Artist Statement.

Nothing Remarkable News Corporation.

Nothing remarkable News Corp. is a mock media corporation that I set up as a project for Art of the MOOC. I wanted to make something that was an anathema to the hysteria created by social media news. We are incredibly lucky in Bangor, North Wales, in that we are not under any real threat from a lot of the terrible things that are happening around the world.

This project was inspired by a 3 minute BBC news update that I saw recently. In three minutes, I had heard that we were at our highest risk ever of a terrorist attack, we are in danger of being “over run” with refugees and migrants, we have confirmed Ebola cases in the UK, and now the weather….. However, when I went outside, everything was the same. This made me wonder what it would be like if we only knew about what was happening in our own experience? Can we trust the media?

In creating Nothing Remakable, and working with my “journalists” I have found that there are more issues brought up by this than just the power of the media. Things like “What is remarkable and is anything really unremarkable?” “When does feeling safe turn into complacency? “  What is the role of art in tackling the media corporations?”


To download a pdf of the newspaper Download pdf here

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There are loads of excellent local, grass roots organisations who are working hard to help those who do not have the luxury of an unremarkable life. Below are some links, but there are many more.

Food Not Bombs, Cardiff

Syrian Sisters Cymru

Doctors without Borders

Clowns without Borders

nothing remarkable news corporation.

nrnc logo


Nothing Remarkable News Corporation is a news group dedicated to bringing you the calm reassuring news that things in the Bangor, Bethesda and Menai Bridge area are likely to carry on as usual. We at nrnc are committed to providing up to the minute reports of unremarkable news to our readership. No story is too mundane.

nrtoday header



Do you live in the Bangor/Bethesda/Menai Bridge area?

Do you have a story where everything carries on as normal? Have you NOT been the victim of a terrorist attack?

Have you seen anything ordinary in the Menai Zone area this week?

Then we want you! No story is too mundane.

If you have witnessed something surprising, scary, unusual or inspirational, then do not send it to us.

Stories can be anything from 50 to 350 words, and must be unremarkable. Photographs of things carrying on as usual will be most welcome. Please include your pen name, and if possible a small photo of how you would like to be represented on our staff page. Contributors will be renumerated with pocket fluff at the nrtoday Launch Party at The Clock, Bangor at 12.00 Tuesday 10th November.

Please send your unremarkable stories to or via Facebook at


HOMING – Structures by Lisa Hudson


"Homing" in At The Slates Edge exibition, Oriel Ynys Mon, LLangefni 2014

“Homing” in At The Slates Edge exhibition,              Oriel Ynys Mon, LLangefni  2014


 ” Homing ” is a group of nine tower-like structures, in mixed media : Specifically bamboo, cotton, wire and wool, as well as found and natural objects.  It is an abstract investigation into the idea of “Home.”

I began this work in response to a call for submissions for a London based project named “Baasher Ghor” ( or Bamboo House ). The call was for artists with a link to Asia, who work with bamboo. As I spent my childhood as an expatriate in Asia, I welcomed the chance to explore this.  I took the title literally, and built a tiny bamboo house, on very long legs, in the hope that it could travel back to Asia some day.

"House" with a background of Snowdonia. 2012

“House” with a background of Snowdonia. 2012


It was through making the original house that I began thinking of House and Home in a more conceptual way, and wondering what “Home” actually means to me, as a near perpetual expatriate.  I realised, as an English person living in North Wales where a strong Welsh identity and language exist, that I am still an expatriate even now.   All of my structures are on long legs, so they can travel.  As I worked, I tried to work with the flow of the bamboo, working with it green to allow it to dictate and change the form as it dried.  The structures are also informed by the many different dwellings and temples that I have visited throughout South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.

” Homing ” detail At The Slate’s Edge Exhibition, Oriel Ynys Mon, Llangefni 2014


At The Slates Edge Exhibition, Oriel Ynys Mon, Llangefni 2014. (foreground, sculpture by Christine Roberts )


" Homing " detail 2014

” Homing ” detail 2014


“Platform” “Homing ” detail 2014


“Seat” ” Homing ” detail 2014


" Trap "  " Homing " Detail 2014

” Trap “
” Homing ” Detail 2014


" Trap "  " Homing " detai l2014

” Trap “
” Homing ” detai l2014


" Tower "  " Homing " detail 2014

” Tower “
” Homing ” detail 2014