The Women’s Wall/Wal o Ferch


“Who are we, the quarry women of the past, present and future?”

The Women’s Wall will be an artwork, supported by Fusion Network,  that celebrates the Merched Chwarel of today and tomorrow, created by the women who live here, in the presence of the quarries.

From the very beginning, I had an image in my head of a sewing circle, but rather than stitching lace or flowers, women were working slate and discussing the issues of the day. This has become the basis of the idea for the women’s wall. We will be each making a slate tile, to become a patchwork wall that celebrates women, our stories and our relationship with the landscape. The wall will be on public display in the area, in an exciting location that has to…for now…remain a secret.

In the first workshop at Ysgol Glancegin Maesgeirchen, we worked with kids from year 4/5 and their parents to make the first 10 tiles of the wall. Everyone had a go at drilling and stitching, celebrating the great women in their own families.

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There are 4 more workshops over the summer, in which we will be drilling, stitching, sharing stories and drinking tea, so if you would like to join us, this is where we will be.

25th July in Storiel Bangor. 10am-2pm

2nd August, Llys Daffyd Bethesda. 2pm-6pm

17th August, Storiel Bangor 10am-2pm

22nd August, Storiel Bangor 2pm-6pm

Booking is essential as spaces are limited, but it’s all free.

Please fill out a booking form on our Events Page